Mendenhall Valley Library


Location:Juneau, AK

Owner:City & Borough of Juneau

Status:Complete, 2015

Size:20,756 s.f.

Construction cost:$11.8M

The Mendenhall Valley Library is a $12 million project, consisting of a new single-story public library to be constructed at the entrance to Dimond Park in Juneau’s Mendenhall Valley. Following the conceptual design phase, NorthWind joined the design process to bring the project to fruition. NorthWind worked closely with the project’s library design consultant, THA Architecture in Portland.

The new library is designed to have a strong public presence. The previous location of the library was hidden inside of the Mendenhall Mall, obscured from the public streetscape. With the new building, the design team consciously created a civic building: one that not only was strong and worthy of holding its position as the "gateway" to Dimond Park, but was also inviting of the public. Brick masonry firmly plants the structure on its site, while large glass windows allow permeance, transparency, and provide views of the surrounding mountains.

Construction for the building began in the summer of 2014, and NorthWind is providing construction administration for the project. The building will be LEED certified upon completion in the summer of 2015.