Downtown Transportation Center & Parking Garage


Location:Juneau, AK

Owner:City & Borough of Juneau

Status:Completed, 2011

Size:89,825 Total (2507 transit center + 87,318 parking garage)

The Juneau Transportation Center relied on a two-year, committed public process to foster acceptance of a parking garage and bus station in a prominent location in downtown Juneau. With communication and collaboration the process succeeds in addressing Juneau's downtown Historic District, local private neighborhoods, government buildings and pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The site is adjacent to the existing Juneau State Office Building on Telephone Hill. Site development entailed extensive removal of rock to place this large building into the hillside. Benefits to the local site included Main Street enhancement, opportunities for public art installations, public parks and a visual identity for Juneau's support of public transportation.

Material choices responded to the waterfront marine climate of Juneau. Glass, galvanized steel, stainless steel and durable metal panels were used as exterior cladding systems. Warm locally harvested wood was used to provide warmth and familiarity in stairs, ceilings and exterior canopies.

Construction cost $11.9 million. The project delivery was design, bid, build.