Douglas Island Building

Location:Douglas, AK

Owner:State of Alaska, Dept. of Administration

Status:Complete, 2015

Size:40,000 sq.ft.

Approximate construction cost:$12M

The Douglas Island Building is a 40,0000 square foot two-story steel-framed curtain-wall structure constructed in the early 1960s. The building was originally occupied by the State Department of Highways, and is currently occupied by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Alaska Department of Corrections.

By 2013, time, use, and the impact of our maritime environment had taken its toll on the building envelope and finishes. The State of Alaska engaged NorthWind to design a comprehensive renovation which will bring the office building up to current expectations in terms of energy performance and longevity.

The Douglas Island Building Renovation was carefully planned as a phased renovation to accommodate the occupants through the duration of construction and utilize recently renovated components of the building. However, the State was able to procure enough local office space to accommodate all building occupants for the duration of construction, making a phased approach unnecessary and the subsequent duration of construction shorter.

The $12M Douglas Island building renovation bid approximately 5% below budget and the contract was awarded to Dawson Construction March of 2014. NorthWind provided Construction Administration and Special Inspection services, completing the project in the summer of 2015.