Goldstein Exterior Upgrade

Location:Juneau, AK

Owner:Goldstein Development

Status:Completed, 2012

The five story Goldstein building was constructed in 1935 and is one of the oldest, largest urban buildings in downtown Juneau. With recent city improvements along Seward Street, the building owners want to give the building a face-lift.

A steel and glass canopy replaced the 1950's era, deteriorated wood canopy. Glazing improved daylight onto the sidewalk and into the adjacent storefronts along the heavily traveled pedestrian streets. This project replaced the full 200 lineal feet of existing canopy, and included improved sidewalk lighting and special glass treatment at the main building entry. The canopy greatly enhances the pedestrian experience and the historic building's connection to the street.

Painted battleship gray, the owner's also asked for new paint schemes to make their structure more memorable. We considered a variety of options, including historic themes, colors to brighten the long winters, and inspiration from the Alaska flag.