Tripp Building

Location:Juneau, AK

Status:Completed, 2006

Size:6000 s.f.

The Tripp Building is a storefront building developed as a contractor-lead, design-build project. It is a three story structure with restaurant and retail space at the street level, and three, two-story loft apartments on the upper level. The project replaced a deteriorating single level automotive shop in downtown Juneau, located directly across the street from one of the town's preeminent historic hotels.

The project not only afforded the opportunity to clean up a local eyesore, but was a decisive step towards improving the urban character of the block. Unique features include high-volume double level loft apartments with skylights and an entry courtyard above the street level; high volume retail and restaurant space with sheltering canopy at sidewalks and clerestory space to maximize daylight; and a contemporary character which both fits with and honors the historic context of downtown Juneau.

NorthWind provided design services to North Pacific Erectors. Approximate construction cost: $1M.