Front and South Franklin Streets – Planning Study

Location:Juneau, AK

Owner:City and Borough of Juneau

Status:In progress

Initiated by a grassroots effort to improve the condition and experience of the downtown core area of Juneau, this the City and Borough of Juneau began its first phase of conceptual and schematic design of its long-term project to improve the infrastructure of Front and South Franklin Streets. This project will eventually lead into design and construction documents that will inform the urban landscape of Juneau.

A large part of the project included extensive public outreach due to the nature in which the project was spearheaded. Because this project is the first in over 30 years to address the functionality and urban design of downtown Juneau, the city gathered input from its citizens on a variety of topics, including parking, canopies, sidewalks, lighting, and public art. All of these issues were explored by the design team, gathered, and addressed in a document for the city and the public. When completed, the design intent is to create a more vibrant, welcoming, and modern approach to the function and appearance of downtown Juneau.