UAS Campus Planning

Location:Auke Bay, AK

Owner:University of Alaska Southeast

Status:In progress

Size:8 classroom and faculty buildings

Following a nine-month planning process in 2012, the University of Alaska Southeast created a campus master plan to design, guide, and shape the physical environment of the UAS campus. NorthWind, teaming with THA Architecture out of Portland, was hired in 2013 to help further investigate the recommendations of the master plan. The master plan revealed an overabundance of classroom space and a growing unmet need for office and administrative space; it also identified a desire to strengthen the campus' learning center.

The team was tasked with finding opportunities to use space more efficiently in light of shrinking operating budgets. NorthWind and THA outlined a series of recommendations with the goal of re-organizing the campus so that offices for each and department are co-located, maximizing the use of natural light in office spaces, improving energy efficiency and rethinking furniture and technology in teach spaces to reflect new pedagogies. As part of the team's work, a phased plan was outlined for implementation of the recommendations based upon funding available and future opportunities for capital projects.