Buck Residence

Location:Auke Bay, AK

Status:Completed, 2011

Size:200 s.f.

The Buck Residence Glass Courtyard Walkway Structure was the third and final phase of a residential renovation project. The first two phases included renovation of two existing structures (main house and studio), and the addition of a carport.

The intention of the glass structure was to define arrival to the garden courtyard, playfully tie together three structures, and serve as a strong element connecting three unique program pieces into one project.

The walkway structure is an extension of the owner's desire to have a unique element that plays between interior and exterior space. It is also a practical means of connection in the cool and wet Southeast Alaskan environment.

Expressed as a "porch element," the material and structure is light, transparent, and contemporary, using steel, glass and wood. Glass is used as both a wall enclosure and a floor structure to maximize the connection between inside and outside, expanding spaces and views in all directions and dimensions.

Arriving at the site, the elevated walkway is visible as a transparent sculptural edge containing the garden courtyard. The covered arrival stair is a defining corner of the courtyard, complimenting the glass structure on opposite corner.

To access the glass walkway, one must enter either the main house or guest studio. The walkway is a discovered pathway visually connecting you back to the arrival garden courtyard.