Homan Cabin

Location:Amalga Harbor, AK

Owner:Janie and Frank Homan

Size:1500 s.f.

Status:Completed, 2006

NorthWind Architects was hired to design this new home on a remote site overlooking a small cove. This small structure is situated to take advantage of views of the ocean, beach, and surrounding forest, and receives the northwest summer evening sun.

Covered porches provide shelter from the elements the exterior protected by honest, low maintenance cladding materials: sheet metal base and roofing, unpainted cedar siding and trim, pealed log deck and roof posts on native rock foundations from the site. Interior treatment is simple yet incorporates the amenities of a modern home. It has its own on site rainwater collection and processing system, and on site waste treatment.

This carefully planned home was designed for Janie and Frank Homan, who have long-time family ties to the site. The project was logistically difficult to construct, being off the road system with equipment access only by landing craft, but successfully completed by their local carpenter, Dave Bartlett.